Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Family affair

My nephew and son painted a huge sign yesterday for the front lawn. My niece wants to make up t-shirts and my daughter wrote her own message to send out:

Hello, my mom is running for trustee. I am really trying to encourage you to vote for her. I think she is truly the very BEST choice. Her slogan is…Putting Kids First. I think that is a wonderful slogan, and she will make a great….. Well, let me rephrase that….. She will make the best trustee EVER!!!!!!! Oh, I also forgot to tell you….. She spearheaded the saveing my school from shutting down she can do it again!!!!!!!
Yours truly,
p.s. her name is Sue Huff so please vote for Sue Huff

I think maybe she's a little biased but, hey, she's nine.


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