Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Greatest Failure --- Eight Percent

I was reading a newspaper article in the airport which stated that the provincial high school completion rate for aboriginal teens is "about eight percent." I was shocked. This is an abhorrent failure. I don't know what is being done to help aboriginal students, but clearly it's not working. I would like to work with aboriginal leaders and elders to develop a clear plan to improve these rates.

Some other appalling stats:

"In Canada, the aboriginal teen suicide rate is three times the national average."
"In Alberta, 33% of all youth remanded in custody are aboriginal even though they make up only 6% of the youth population."

Education is the key to open the doors for a brighter future.

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Vic Charlton said...

The greatest failure has a root cause; as does many of the purported child illnesses. Here's your answer:

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