Saturday, August 4, 2007

My website is crawled by Google

I met with Dave yesterday (Emergence by Design) and we're going to add a mailing list form to the website. I told him the positive feedback I've heard already and thanked him again for donating his expertise.

He showed me how I can track how many hits the website has had. It's amazing- I can see the date, how many pages have been opened, which pages have the most hits, and how people found the website. We also saw that Googlebot has discovered my website (Dave referred to it as google crawling my page). I found this all very fascinating. now shows up if you google "Sue Huff for trustee." I also tried "Sue Huff + kids" and it found it, although my film for the NFB came up first. If I get more hits, it will move up in ranking with google and show up more readily.. So visit that website!!!

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