Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Community outreach

I've been trying to meet as many people as possible over the past week or so. I've had some good (although brief) conversations with people at community barbecues, pancake breakfasts, and in front of schools. Here's some of the things I've heard:

- I don't have kids in the system, so I don't know what the issues are.
- Why don't we have one school board instead of two? It would save money and my daughter could go to the school across the street. I think 2 +2 is the same there. (from a Catholic parent).
- There are so many more kids coming into our neighbourhood, but now they closed our school.
- Things have changed a lot over the past twenty years. The classroom has changed. Parents are expected to do so much now.
- Who is responsible for the school property over the summer? We had homeless people camping out on our school and my daughter was afraid to go to the playground
- I'm sick and tired of the school board refusing to do anything for aboriginal kids. They just keep ignoring the problem.
- It's all about the kids. for me, that's what matters. They are worth it.

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