Friday, September 28, 2007

HIgh Park Crime

I attended a community meeting in High Park last night. The community had come together (in great numbers) to address the growing problem of drug houses in the area with police officers. Councillors Linda Sloan and Karen Liebovichi (spelling?) were also in attendance. The police officers talked at length about the role community members play in combating the drug trade problem. They spoke about the importance of knowing your neighbours, walking your streets, and being a constant presence. I asked Constable Maurice Brodeur if having a boarded-up school (High Park Elementary) had an impact on crime rates, if it sent the message that "crime is okay here". He said that absolutely it had a negative impact and that having a school contributes to the vitality of a community.

Trustees needs to reflect on the far-reaching effects of the decision to close schools.

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Kim said...

Sue I want to personally thank you for attending our Community Meeting regarding the Crime in the neighborhood. I appreciate your comments and questions to the police as they did answer many questions we all have. I personally hold the old board and our current Trustee responsible for some of what is going on and hope that you can make it in and help save the remaining schools under review from the same fate as High Park.....who knows maybe one day it will re-open again!

Thanks again Sue, you have no idea how much your presence meant to the Community!