Friday, September 28, 2007

Meadowcroft Seniors Residence

Today I visited a seniors' residence, the second one I've visited during my campaign. The residents were extremely active, engaged and interested in education. I really enjoyed chatting with them all.

Seniors have a great wealth of knowledge and experience that is being ignored and underutilized. They all remarked on how much they appreciated me coming, that I was the only candidate besides Mayor Stephen Mandel to do so. They had never seen a trustee before.

Some of their questions:
-- Why do students have to pay so much to attend school (textbooks, school fees, field trip fees, sports fees)?
-- What can be done for students who do not have the support they need at home and are falling behind?
-- Why are we busing kids all over the place and ignoring the community school that you could walk to?
-- Some schools have seniors come in to help children who need some one-on-one time. Why don't all schools do this?

Great questions.

I talked to them about the Living History project which has been developed by a 80 year old friend of mine. He wants to pair seniors with school-aged children to develop history projects together. It could be a film or a story or a short play. The senior provides the real-life context and some of the research for the piece of history. They literally bring history alive.

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