Thursday, October 4, 2007

Crestwood School

Yesterday, I read to two classes of grade 7 and one grade 4 class at Crestwood School. I enjoyed chatting with the librarian, Louise. On one wall in the hallway, I noticed they had a display concerning a school-wide event for cross-grade interaction. Older children mentored younger ones, acting as teachers for the day. The comments from all the students were very positive. Certainly, creating a family atmosphere at a school is a great way to prevent bullying.

I noticed though that 7B has a very, very hot room. The students were sweltering and it obviously effected their ability to concentrate. One poor girl was almost falling asleep from the heat. When I commented on the heat to the teacher, she remarked that it was always like this and if she opens the window, the heater kicks in to compensate for the cold air, making it even hotter. The best she can do is close the blinds and avoid wearing sweaters.

Surely we can do better!

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