Monday, October 1, 2007

Glenora & Parkview Schools

Today I visited Glenora & Parkview to read to students as part of Read-In Week. Although this isn't part of my campaign, it does offer a wonderful opportunity for me to spend some time in a number of the Ward C schools. I will be reading at six other schools this week.

It's amazing how you can quickly get a sense of a school and how the building tells a story: I noticed clean floors and walls, a quiet calm atmosphere, a staff room that is well-maintained and has lists of extracurricular duties assumed by each teacher. You immediately sense that this is a place of respect and a place well-suited for learning.

The principal at Parkview gave me a tour and even took me into some of the special classes they have, including English Language Learning and an Interactions program for students with autism.

I also learned that the librarian is shared between two schools, which is an unfortunate bi-product of funding cuts. Maintaining a library for a school of more than 600 students is not a part-time job.

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