Sunday, October 21, 2007

NEW Cell Number

Yesterday I bought a couple of bags of office supplies to set up my home office. I also got a new cell phone number for all trustee business. (780-709-4036). This will be the easiest way for people to contact me and it will also allow me to keep my home number free for family use.

I will also be re-vamping my website, so it can be used easily by everyone. I hope to include the following features:

- "How Did They Vote"... a page that will show how I (and every other trustee) voted on any given issue.
- A Calendar... showing where I am, what I'm doing, etc. This will also help people know when I might be available to attend their special event. I want to try and get out to every school in Ward C at least once every year.

- An on-line newsletter-- this will be sent out to anyone who subscribes to it, but also will be available on line to read. I will try to summarize what is happening and what is coming up.
- A Parent-to-Parent Board--- where parents can write and share events, ideas, resources, etc.
- Feedback-- I need to find a way to solicit and process feedback on many issues. Typically, information will come to me from the administration on Friday which I may have to vote on/ comment on at the Tuesday meeting. So I'm hoping we can devise a way to "Check in and Comment on Monday."

What else would you like to see??

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