Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Polling Results

This is from Christopher, who took the time to look over the results by polling station. (I'm so lucky to have him on my team!)


- Going in, Sue had good name recognition in eastern neighbourhoods. Her victory in Ward 4 areas (east of 149th Street, south of 111th Avenue) was overwhelming, where she captured 75 per cent of the vote.
- Sue earned her largest margin of victory, both in percentage (86%-14%) and total votes (470-75), in Grovenor.
- The community that gave Sue the most votes was Westmount (518).
- Sue did really well in the following neighbourhoods: Glenora (515 votes), Parkview (506), North Glenora/McQueen (483), Laurier (390) and Crestwood (349).


- Setting aside institutional polls, Sue placed second in three communities: Dovercourt, Lewis Estates and Westview Village. The last two areas are designated to Winterburn School.

Special Concern

- The decision to remove the polling station from High Park disenfranchised voters. Of all regular polling stations in Ward C, Mayfield School saw the least traffic (206 total votes, with a two-to-one margin in favour of Sue). In Britannia, a similar neighbourhood, more than 400 people voted. I’d say that’s another cost of school closure: residents dropping out of the democratic process.

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