Thursday, October 4, 2007

Questions for Ward 4 candidates

Last night, I attended a councillor candidate forum hosted by the 124 St. Business Association. I had asked the organizer (Helen Nolan) if trustees could be included in the forum, but unfortunately this was not possible. Helen was kind enough to introduce me to the crowd.

I asked the 15 councillor candidates the following questions:

1-What type of relationship would you like to see between the city and the School Board trustees?
2-How do schools fit into your vision of Edmonton?

The answers were almost unanimous in their stated desire for more collaboration between the city and the School Board. (Jane Batty who felt there was already a level of cooperation). In particular, it was mentioned that closing schools in communities that are undergoing a revitalization was very counter-productive. There was talk of increased affordable family housing in areas where schools are suffering declining enrolment. I was pleased to see that all the candidates felt schools were essential to the city and the vitality of communities. Of all the candidates, I felt Ben Henderson, Lewis Cardinal and Deborah Peaker were the most interested in forming strong, working relationships with the trustees.

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