Monday, October 8, 2007

Shiny Blue Building

I had a very interesting email exchange with a man who contacted me through one of my leaflets. He was concerned about the general state of disrepair of many of our schools, in particularly in the maintenance of the grounds. We emailed back and forth on this issue and then he wrote: "I can't help but notice that striking disparity between the state of many schools and the shiny blue building downtown" (where the School Board is housed).

This raises a very valid point. Why do our trustees and administrators get to be surrounded by every modern convenience, while our children are sweating (or freezing)? Why does every trustee need an office in the Blue building? Surely a shared office would suffice. Aren't the trustees supposed to be "in their community"? Why don't trustees have offices in schools in their Wards? Wouldn't that give them a closer connection to public education and their constituents?

I don't need or want an office in the Blue Building and if I'm elected, you'll find me in Ward C. My shiny office can be rented out and the money can be used to help fix the cracks in one of our schools.

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