Saturday, October 13, 2007

St. Andrew's, Graham Hicks

Yesterday morning I spoke at St. Andrew's Centre on 111 Ave. A very lively Q and A followed my brief presentation. It was very encouraging to see that even though these seniors no longer had any children in the system, they still cared about the state of education and about the welfare of children in Edmonton. Some of the staff even stopped what they were doing to join in the conversation.

By contrast, I spoke with Graham Hicks of the Edmonton Sun to see if he would be interested in writing something about the trustee race. His response was that "the government controls the money, the trustees have no power, next question." His attitude is shared by many and it provokes the question- why do we even have trustees?

The usefulness of the role of the trustee has sparked an interesting conversation on line at www.connecct2edmonton I have posted my response today. It's certainly something we should be discussing more.

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