Friday, November 30, 2007

JANUARY 15th not 11th

First of all, the Board debate and decision on my motion will be held on Tues, January 15th (not the 11th).

Check out the article in today's Edmonton Journal on the motion.

I've been asked why I wanted to do this at a Public Board meeting instead of having a "behind closed doors" conversation.

Here are my answers:
A- This is an issue that concerns the public, so they deserve to have the opportunity to be involved
B- This is a complex issue and as a Board we will be held accountable for our decisions later in January. If we don't "show the work" and let the public witness our deliberations, how will they have confidence in our choices? How will they know what we've considered?
C- This is an opportunity to hear new ideas, to consider new ways of thinking without the pressure of talking about specific schools. It is a chance to identify values, philosophies and belief systems....outside of the emotional context of a specific school's review.

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