Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sale of Junk Food

Last night, the Board voted unanimously in support of Trustee Colburn's motion to ban the sale of junk food in schools. Eight members of the public came out to speak to the motion- 6 in favour and 2 against (Wendy Keiver, Amanda Beseigal). It was a great night for Trustee Colburn, who has been working tirelessly on this issue for a number of years and a great night for kids in Edmonton.

Someone called me today to express their gratitude that finally elected officials had voted the way they wanted them to... their faith in democracy had been restored.

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Wendy Keiver said...

Hi Sue
Great website and blog! I especially appreciate the accuracy of the information contained within it. I know honesty and transparency are important to you. That being the case, I really think you should re-evaluate your comment about whether I spoke for or against the ban on the sale of junkfood. If you would like, I can send you a copy of my exact comments, so that you can read them at your leisure, or you can take my word for it...I spoke neither for nor against the ban. I spoke to the wording of the motion, and the possible outcomes. Interesting how most listeners perceived the comments to be against...perhaps come cases of selective hearing?