Saturday, January 19, 2008

Changes to my blog

I have made a few changes to my blog.

First, I've activated the "Moderate" button, because after some advice from the very knowledgeable blogger, Ken Chapman, I've become more fully aware of my responsibilities. As the owner of this blog, I'm responsible for everything on it, in the same way that a publisher is responsible for the material in their publication. So, comments will come to me first and I will decide whether to post them or not.

I want to emphasize that I have no intention of vetting on the basis of whether I agree with the comment or not. It's only in the grey area of libel that I'm going to exercise caution. I'm a big proponent of free speech and I want this blog to be used to discuss ideas, generate feedback and promote interest in and awareness of public education. I encourage difference of opinion and even provocative discussion, but I can't allow libelous comments to appear. (Next step: increase my own understanding of what is slander/libel and what is fair comment.)

Second change: I've renamed the banner.

"Sue for Trustee" was started as a campaign banner and it seems a bit odd now that I have been elected to continue with it. That being said, the address will remain the same (
because I have NO IDEA how to redirect the entire blog to a new location and I don't want to lose the beginnings of this journey.

As you can see, I'm muddling through this new form of communication. Unlike my son, I didn't grow up with this technology. But I believe it holds great potential and so I will venture forth, learn, adapt and, no doubt, issue many apologies along the way!

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