Wednesday, January 9, 2008

District Priorities

Happy New Year!

Along with Trustee Esslinger and Trustee Rice, I am on the District Priorities committee. We've been hard at work meeting with many different groups.

In case you have no background on this:
Every three years, District Priorities are set by the Board of Trustees to guide the work of the administration. They are developed through consultation with Edmontonians, which reflects our commitment to public engagement.

So far, I've met with students and community leaders. Both sessions were very enlightening and worthwhile. On January 9th, I will meet with teachers and on January 16, it will be parents. As well, by the end of this month, my colleagues will have met with business leaders, secondary education and principals.

I want to let you know that participation is open to EVERYONE through the wonders of the web. An on-line survey can be completed by visiting

Please take the time to add your voice to the discussion. What should our focus be in order to prepare our children for the future? What values would you like us to use to guide our work?

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