Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last night, the Board of Trustees voted on Woodcroft, Ritchie, Coronation, Grovenor and Horse Hill. The recommendations from the administration, which came out of the Sustainability Review process, were: to initiate closure on Woodcroft and Ritchie and to have a continuation of the review until 2010 for Coronation, Grovenor and Horse Hill.

14 speakers registered (including members of the public, parents and two MLAs) to speak to the Board on this issue. They articulated their concerns, values, beliefs, innovative plans and hopes for these schools. The administration presented a report outlining how they had arrived at their recommendations. The trustees asked many questions and debated, at length.

In the end, the Board voted unanimously in support of the continuation of the review process for Coronation, Grovenor and Horse Hill. The vote was not unanimous on the other two schools, but in the end, the majority of the trustees believed the school closure process should be initiated for Ritchie and Woodcroft.

I did not vote according to the majority. I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed with the outcome, but democracy is my faith and I stand by it.

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