Saturday, February 23, 2008

Small Schools Rally

Woodcroft Community League President, Patricia Greill, organized a rally for small schools outside Woodcroft School today. In attendance, were representatives from many schools across Edmonton who had been touched by school closure, many Woodcroft community members and children, the President of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, and the political candidates from three parties (Liberal MLA Bruce Miller, PC candidate Heather Klimchuk and ND candidate Arlene Chapman). Many people spoke about the need to recognize the vital role community schools play and to seek alternate means to support them financially. I did not speak at the rally, but listened to the opinions expressed and spoke with my constituents personally. The media was there and I did a few short interviews following the rally about why I was there ("to listen to my constituents"), what challenges the Board faces ("balancing the educational and financial responsibilities with the needs of communities") and what hope I saw ("the Review committee's work to improve our processes" and "that it was encouraging to see all three political parties speak about the need for collaboration between all orders of government to find solutions that work for communities".). They also asked if trustees had open minds going into the vote on March 25 ("of course").

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