Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Allocations $$$$

I had mentioned in a previous blog that there are additional means to allocate funds out to schools, to supplement the base allocation which is determined by enrolment. Here's some more details:

Aboriginal Education Funds: For schools with a self-identified Aboriginal enrolment greater than 15% of the total school population
Adaptation Block Grant: For elementary and junior high schools, based on the number of students scoring 2 years+ behind on either Reading or Writing HLAT
Addition to Basic: Amount allocated to schools operating in more than one site and to schools experiencing low enrolment in district centre programs for students with special needs.
Consulting/In service: Amount allocated to schools for the purchase of consulting services or in-service opportunities for staff
Early Reading Incentive: For elementary schools, to support early reading initiative programs
High Socio-Economic Needs Grant: Based on enrolment, mobility (transfers in and out of school in previous year) and incidence of low family income, based on Statistics Canada info
Establishment Grant: For selected new programs or establishment of learning resources collections and supplies in schools.
Intervention Grant: For high schools, to provide school based intervention for at risk youth
Teacher Aide: For elementary schools
Transfer from Institution: For special needs students (levels 5-8), on pro-rated basis.

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