Saturday, March 8, 2008

Speaking at U of A

This week I was invited back to my old stomping grounds, the Drama Department at the U of A, to participate in a panel discussion. All five speakers graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and we spoke about our career paths. The diversity was exciting and I think it gave the current B.A. students some great food for thought. (See:

Here's an excerpt from my speech:
"A few years back, my husband created a label for me: a Generalist. This is what I am. I’m not wonderfully gifted at any one thing. I’m not a specialist. But I know a little bit about a lot of things. As the world evolves and changes, and new technologies bring about jobs that we haven’t even dreamed of, it is my belief that we will need more and more Generalists. People who are well-educated, capable, open and unafraid. People who have critical thinking skills, who can discern good information from bad. People who know how to communicate and who know enough to bridge gaps of understanding between specialist camps. People who can shape the way we think, who can see a better future, because they are grounded in the works of the past, but not bound by them. I think these people are you! And I hope wherever life takes you… if you continue to be a generalist or use the B.A. to hone your area of focus and become a specialist…that you will always value what you’re learning in your B.A. As I have."

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