Monday, April 7, 2008

Board meets at JP

Our next board meeting is going to be held at Jasper Place High School. The Community Relations committee (Trustee Esslinger, Colburn, Ripley and myself) thought it was worth trying something new: take the meeting to the public. Doing our work in a school appeals to me and it will be interesting to see if a change of setting brings a new perspective, increases attendance of the public or simply makes no difference at all. This is an experiment and we will be evaluating its merits. It would be great if you could come and give us some feedback.

Jasper Place High School is located at 8950-163 Street. (
The meeting will be held on April 15, 2008, starting at 6 PM.

On the agenda:
- A report on the STAR program at JP (I wrote something about this in my blog... a great interagency program to provide on-site counselling and support for kids)
- A look at Glendale School
- Info on second languages and the Confucius Institute
- Recommendations re: the Cree Alternative Program
- The unrestricted bus pass

Plus the usual items- trustee reports, notices of motion, comments from the public and communications from the Board Chair and the Superintendent.

The full agenda will be posted on Friday, April 11 around 5 PM with all the links to the full reports.

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