Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I've been speaking with (via email and phone) many constituents from Woodcroft since returning from my break in Jasper. They are grieving and with grief comes many emotions- anger, disbelief, despair and more anger. I've had a bit of experience with grief and I know that all of this is normal. You can only let it rip through and know that eventually the waters will still and you will be able to see the shore again. It's hard to even imagine feeling happy when you are grieving. When imagination fails, we rely on faith or a deep-seated optimism.

Someone sent me the following article called the politics of optimism. It is centered on the environmental debate, but it feels relevant. It talks about the political act of creating a better future by rejecting despair, cynicism and apathy. It holds up optimism as a guiding political light.


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