Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Provincial Budget Announcement

Today was budget day at the Legislature.
Here's our reaction:

  • The Board is very pleased the government continues to recognize education is a priority in this province.
  • Both the Premier and Minister of Education have indicated they are committed to keeping public education high on the political agenda, and this budget announcement certainly reflects that fact.
  • The increase to the overall operating grant will be sufficient for us to maintain our current level of service, although not enough for us to provide any significant enhancements.
  • Some of the money announced in the provincial budget today is targeted for such programs as the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement funding and the Edmonton Student Health Initiative Partnership. These programs are of enormous benefit to students and schools.
  • Funds have also been specifically earmarked for the small class size initiative; this is good news for our District, teachers, parents and especially our students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes, who benefit the most from small class sizes.
  • We are pleased that today’s budget announcement allows us to address the salary increases for all staff groups.
  • We look forward to receiving the specifics of the funding announcement and how they pertain to our District in the next few days.

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