Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tues April 29 Board Meeting

The agenda for Tuesday's meeting is up on the web now. You can find it by clicking on the link to board agendas under my "Useful Sites" sidebar and then click on Tues, April 29th.

Here's some highlights:
- Update on the Community Collaboration Project (funded through AISI dollars). This project brings additional support to students through collaboration with outside agencies such as Big Brothers/Sisters, Capital Health, Rotary Club, the Family Centre, the City of Edmonton, etc. It brings services to families they otherwise would not have.

-The Board is requested to approve/renew of a number of locally developed courses, including American Sign Language, Punjabi, Fluid Power, Marine Biology, Cermamics, Sports Medecine, Sculpture, Learning to Lead, to name a few. Locally developed courses must be approved or renewed every three years and must meet requirements set out by Alberta Education. I had no idea EPSB developed so many new courses! It's quite an impressive list.

-The Board must vote on the terms of a lease-to-purchase agreement of the North Edmonton School by Excel Society. The plan is to renovate the school into an assisted living facility for seniors suffering from various forms of dementia and brain injury. The playing fields are not part of the purchase and would be declared surplus. Typically, the city retains the playing fields and continues to operate and maintain the fields.

- Revised Planning base (working budget for next year). 91% of our allocation from the government is directed to schools, 9% stays with central decision units (administration). This is a slight increase for schools of 0.6%. Check out ITEM 6 on the agenda to see where all the money goes!

-Mid-term report on enrolment, attendance, suspensions, leaves of absence, security, transportation. I am glad to see our numbers of suspensions going down slightly. (-4.6%). Our incidents of vandalism went down, but unfortunately the cost of repairs was significantly higher. We had 940 fewer students in Sept. 2007 than Sept. 2006.

-ITEM 9--Trustee Requests- answers for my requests on high school dropouts and the proposed pick up/drop off bussing site for Woodcroft families. Also, Trustee Fleming's request re: the KIPP program (Knowledge is Power).

-Principal Designations: Gordon King (Westmount) and Kerry-Ann Kope.

- Debate of Trustee Rice's motion: to plan a one-day school health symposium

-Debate of Truste Colburn's motion: that expenditure of surplus money require approval of the Board of Trustees.

-ASBA budget approval

-ASBA policy recommendation re: Alberta Supernet funding policy and joint funding for Early Education.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the Board meeting on Tuesday. I will, however, be passing on questions, etc. to my colleagues. If you have anything you would like asked, please let me know by Monday.


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