Saturday, May 10, 2008

Board Meeting- May 13

Tuesday, May 13 will be our next public board meeting.

On the agenda:
Increases in bus fares (
Debate on establishing a student advisory committee
Debate on the board having approval of unanticipated surpluses

For the full agenda, please visit: Agendas (

If you wish to speak on any item on the agenda, you can do so by contacting Anne Sherwood ( by Tuesday at noon and ask for your name to be included on the list.
If you wish to speak on any educational matter, you may do so by waiting until the end of the meeting. The Board Chair will say something like: "At the end of every meeting, we allow time for any member of the public to speak to the Board on any educational matter. Please approach the microphone at this time if you wish to speak." In both cases, you are limited to 2 minutes which goes by very quickly, so I suggest you write out your speech and time it, so you don't get cut off.

Hope to see you there. (Blue Building, 1 Kingsway Ave. Across from the Royal Alex, attached to Victoria School, free underground parking. Meeting starts at 6 PM.)


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