Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Outcomes- Board May 27

PASSED- The motion to provide free transportation to Woodcroft and Ritchie students, currently attending those schools, living within the attendance area, to their designated schools, for the duration of their elementary/junior high years. In essence, this translates to 28 Woodcroft students receiving free bussing to Dovercourt and 3 Ritchie students receiving free bussing.

APPROVED- The Budget for 2008-2009, amount $738,809,000.
We had a discussion about our budget subcommittee reviews and the themes/concerns/successes we heard.

AWARDED- The Margaret Stevenson Talented Young Writer Award to Westmount Jr. High student, Noel Toma

INFORMATION REQUESTED- I requested information on our current environmental practices across the District and where we would like to go in the future. I'm very keen to see our work in this area expanded as it is clearly a pressing priority for most Canadians. Environmental awareness is being taught in our schools, so why not walk the talk. I was very inspired to hear what is being done "on the Hill" in Ottawa. They have adopted a strong environmental policy across all their buildings, which includes composting all their paper towel and all their food waste in every lunchroom, cafeteria, etc.

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