Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Year Reflection- Board achievements

Last night was the final Public Board meeting of my first year. (I'll put another post on the outcomes, but tonight I'm in a reflective mood...)

As I look back on YEAR ONE in office, I can't help but note some of the outstanding work of this Board of Trustees. Here are some highlights:

  • We are open to trying new things (Board meeting at Jasper Place; an Aboriginal dinner last night to launch our celebration of Aboriginal Day; a new method of surveying the public called Discrete Choice surveys),
  • We have a new energy, with a strong commitment to community engagement (including Ward meetings, blogs, coffee chats, email listserves and door-knocking between election times)
  • We have moved forward on Aboriginal education, school health (junk food ban), sustainability/closure (review underway). We have agreed to establish a Foundation which will bring extra dollars to our students and approved a multi-cultural task force (to begin next year).
  • We have started working relationships with our MLA and Councilor counterparts and have connected with other school boards to share information and look for ways to work together. We have established a Government Relations Committee to increase our effectiveness as advocates.
  • We have increased public awareness of education and our work through the media and our attendance at many functions, conferences and events.
  • We have established a set of protocols for trustees to foster trust, mutual understanding, and effectiveness as a team.
  • We have been effective representatives for our constituents by bringing forward their concerns and issues. We have debated long and hard on issues (sometimes 'til midnight!).
  • We have developed a strategic plan and a three-year plan for community relations. The groundwork is in place and years two and three will be focused on implementation of these plans.

We are definitely moving forward and, although I may be impatient at times with the speed of change, there is no doubt that we are making progress.

Ever-optimistic (because remember: "optimism is a political act"),


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