Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hardisty/Gold Bar- sector based planning

Item 9 of Tuesday's Agenda is a draft of the Annual Implementation plan for 2008-2009. It identifies a new method of addressing the District's unused space: sector planning.

"A new process for sector level planning aimed at potential school and program consolidation will be designed and implemented. The Hardisty/Gold Bar area of the city will be identified for a pilot application of the sector-based approach and will affect Capilano, Fulton Place, Gold bar and Hardisty Schools."

I'm not clear what the time lines would be for the sector-level planning and if it would follow the same time lines as the sustainability reviews. I will ask for clarification at the board meeting.

I told you this was a full agenda! If you're planning on coming to one meeting this year, I would suggest this one.

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