Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last board meeting 2008- outcomes

Sorry, these results are a little delayed getting posted. There's been a lot of "year end" activity and things are really ramping up for the Ad Hoc Committee. So, it's a busy time.

Outcomes of the final Board meeting:

Celebration of Aboriginal Day: I think this was an unqualified success. We had a traditional meal together with members of the Aboriginal community in our wards and were entertained by Metis fiddlers and dancers during the meal. Both before the meal and during the ceremony elders spoke and led the prayers. O Canada was sung in Cree by students from Prince Charles Awasis. And we exchanged hand-made gifts with Aboriginal children from our wards. I received a beautiful wall hanging/quilt from the Inglewood Sewing Club. I'll upload the photo to show you!

Motion on uncommitted surplus funds requiring board approval:
Deferred to the Policy and Planning Committee.
There was a good discussion about what would define uncommitted funds and whether we wanted to set a dollar figure threshold and if so, what would that be. The Policy committee will take these concerns into consideration and make a recommendation in the fall.

Three Year Capital Plan, 10 year facilities plan, Annual Implementation:
All three reports were discussed in detail. Perhaps the biggest change is the Sector Based Planning. This will see schools reviewed in groups/regions, rather than being reviewed individually. The Capilano area is being proposed to pilot this approach and the issue of timelines was brought up. I felt there would not be sufficient time to pilot this approach, incorporate the findings from the Ad Hoc Committee and the new Stakeholder Engagement policy and bring forward a recommendation all within one school year. I felt two years would be a better timeline. The report presented was only a draft and the full details and recommendation will come to board in September.

Inclusion Report: This was also discussed at length and several members of the public spoke to this item. I asked many questions about how we can improve in this area. The Province is also undertaking a review of special needs funding, so my impression is that this discussion will be revisited in the near future.

Those were the highlights for me.
See you in September!

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