Saturday, June 7, 2008

Three-Year Education Plan 2008-2011

I've just finished reading item number 4 of the agenda... The Three Year Education Plan. I would highly recommend reading pages 27-31 which outline all the partnerships Edmonton Public Schools has in place to help kids succeed. It is inspirational.

To find the report-
click on Agendas (tab to the right, under Links to Helpful Sites)
click on Tuesday, June 10 agenda
scroll down to item 4.

Before page 27, it references how we are doing in a number of categories (high school completion, school safety, transition to work, transition to post-secondary, etc.). It shows our current rating and how that compares to 3 years ago. This is all based on the province's accountability pillars. In most areas, our performance is high, with good improvement. We still have some work, of course...and the document outlines our plans to meet the areas of challenge.

But, check out the partnerships! It's very impressive.

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