Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Calling all Parent Council Chairs

I will be hosting a free luncheon for Parent Council Chairs on Oct. 15. Invitations to all Ward C PAC Chairs went out today. It's my way of saying thank you to those people who fill this vital role.

Think you might like to be the Chair, but feeling a little intimidated and unsure? No problem.

Attend a free School Council Training Sessions at the Centre for Education (Blue Building, 1 Kingsway) on Saturday, October 4 from 9 am to 4 PM. Breakfast and lunch provided. Free parking underground. I'll be there to say hi.
Contact Sheila Thirlwell for more info. (429-8229)

Also: The Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium is offering two workshops-
Roles and Responsibilities of School Councils
School Councils and Fundraising Societies.
Visit www.erlc.ca for more info.

Parent Council-- have a voice in your school.

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