Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chair, Vice, committees, etc

Last night was our Organizational Board Meeting, which is our first public board meeting of the year and focuses on who should fill which roles this year.

Here's the new line-up:

Board Chair- Bev Esslinger
Vice-Chair- Catherine Ripley
Conference/ Audit Chair- George Rice

Evaluation of the Superintendent Committee: Trustees Fleming, Shipka & Ripley
District Priorities Committee- Trustees Esslinger, Rice & Gibeault
Board Evaluation Committee- Trustees Gibson, Fleming and Huff
Community Relations Committee- Trustees Colburn, Ripley and Rice
Government Relations committee- Trustees Gibson, Esslinger and Huff
Planning and Policy Committee- Trustees Fleming, Shipka and Gibeault
Sustainability/School Closure Review Committee- Trustees Rice, Ripley and Huff
Multi-cultural Task Force- Trustees Shipka, Esslinger and Colburn

ASBA Provincial Executive- Bev Esslinger
Alternate- Dave Colburn
ASBA Zone 2/3 Executive- Don Fleming
Alternate- Sue Huff
ASBA for Languages Education- Ken Shipka

Public School Board Association Liaison- George Rice
Alternate- Dave Colburn

Capital Region Services to Children Linkages Committee- Ken Gibson
Alternate- Sue Huff

I'm looking forward to my two new committees (Government Relations and Board Evaluation) as both tie in well with my interest in strengthening the Board's work in the areas of advocacy and governance. The work on the Community Relations Committee and District Priorities last year was rewarding, but I leave those committees in capable hands! I will continue on the Sustainability Review committee as it was decided that continuity was important for this work. As well, I continue in my role as Alternate on Linkages. This is an exciting collection of people from various agencies, boards and levels of government all committed to creating partnerships to benefit children.

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