Sunday, September 7, 2008

The New Couch Phenomena

This past week, we bought a new couch. It's a leather sectional that can easily accommodate everyone in the family comfortably and makes sense in our unusual living room. What an amazing thing to finally have something that fits! Being frugal by nature (and by design as a freelance artist), this was an expense that I'd long put off, telling myself that what we had was "good enough", even though my husband's feet dangled over the edge when he tried to recline and guests often looked awkward and cramped.

Now that we have this comfy couch, I wonder what took us so long.

Which made me think: What, within our education system, would also benefit from a well-fitting, expensive upgrade? How many of our schools are making do with systems or resources that may seem "good enough" on first blush, but actually are falling short, awkward, difficult or cramped? What response would a new "couch" bring? Would teachers, staff, students and parents marvel at how things were made easier, more enjoyable, rewarding and productive? Would improved results follow?

With an $8 billion surplus, perhaps it's time for Alberta to invest in a great educational couch.

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