Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Raises and Requests

Some other outcomes from the first Board meeting....

The Board voted unanimously to give the Superintendent at 4.53 % raise. This was based on the Weekly Average Earning Index for the previous year and is aligned with the 4.53 % that the teachers were granted by the government and that we subsequently as a District offered to all our employees. This puts the Superintendent's salary at $209,000, which, of course, is a lot of money. However, I believe there are many CEO's of large corporations making much more. Mr. Schmidt is in charge of 4,320 teachers, 2,685 non-teaching staff, 80,000 students and close to 200 schools. The annual budget is over $700 million. The Superintendent's shoes are not easy to fill and I believe we have a very good one. So, although it's more money than I will ever see... I feel it is well-spent.

In a similar vein...we also voted to give ourselves a 4.53% raise. There was an existing clause in place to give us a raise just over 3 %...this was rescinded in favour of the Weekly Average Earning Index, which is what MLAs and nurses also receive. So, we will see an increase to our pay-cheque of just over $1000. The remuneration for trustees was reviewed in relation to other Metro boards and we at EPSB are right in the middle. I feel that if a trustee does his or her work well, this is a steal of a deal... of course, if they don't...then it's a waste of money. It's up to the electorate ultimately to make this decision and come election time, to make an informed decision.

Finally, I requested information on how the redevelopment of the municipal airport might impact schools. (They are talking about 32,000 homes.) Also, I asked for information on school fees- what the average and range charged per student, broken down by elementary, junior and senior high. As well, I want to know the total amount this represents being charged to parents.

Next Public Board meeting: Sept. 23, 2008

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