Sunday, October 12, 2008

Board Agenda

The upcoming board meeting's agenda is posted. (click on "Board Agendas" under "Helpful Sites" on my blog---right hand column--- to get there quickly.) Parkview School will be highlighted at this Board meeting, re: their work to improve student achievement.

Also of interest, perhaps:

Under Trustee Requests for Information- a report on the predicted impact on city-central schools if the city develops the municipal airport site.

Under Conference Report---Board evaluation report

And a couple of policy reviews...

one on a whistleblower policy

and another on auditor/finances/purchasing

Policies must have three readings before they can be passed. It seems to be a convention with EPSB that the first and second readings are done at one meeting and the final reading at another meeting. If you have any comments or questions about either of these policies, please let me know.

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