Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Board meeting outcomes

Policy- Purchasing
At the last Board meeting, I raised a concern that our Purchasing policy made no reference to environmental or ethical considerations. At this Board meeting, I provided further research in the area. The Board decided that this warranted further discussion and referred the policy back to the Planning and Policy Committee.

The Board Chair advised us that she will be having a meeting with the Minister of Education to discuss the next round of ASAP (P3) schools and that if we have any questions for the Minister to get them to her by Thursday. Two questions already on ready are: Community Use of the ASAP schools (i.e. daycares), and if the current economic situation will effect the time lines.

We had a number of information items last night, including a report from Consulting Services, a report on the new Skill Centre, and information on Accountability Pillar, Student Achievement, Satisfaction survey results. We have areas of great success in our student achievement and areas that need improvement. The data provided is quite dense and requires further analysis ('drilling down') to understand what our responses should be to the challenges we face. As with any large group data, it can be confusing until we break it down to specific schools and specific students. The trustees will be visiting schools to do this work starting in early November. At the same time, the administration will be looking at patterns and trends and bringing forward recommendations to improve student achievement. I look forward to this work, as ultimately, this is our mission- to see that every child succeeds.

MOTION- re: implementing School Zone
Trustee Colburn introduced a revised wording of the motion and ultimately the Board decided that it was a significant change, thereby requiring Notice of Motion, so we could duly reflect on the new motion. The new motion reads:
"Move that the administration engage in discussions with the Edmonton Public Local of Alberta Teachers Association on ways to improve parent engagement, including a review of all current tools and resources currently supporting parent engagement and that the administration report back to Public Board on the outcome of these discussions before the end of the school year." This motion will be debated at our next Board meeting.

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