Friday, October 10, 2008

Read In Week

This week was Read In Week. Like all the trustees and countless other citizens, I spent a good portion of my week in schools reading to children. I had the pleasure of visiting: Coronation, Grovenor, Inglewood, Westglen, Glendale, Edmonton Christian West Campus, Sherwood, Prince Charles and Brightview. Each class was attentive, engaged and offered great comments or questions following my reading. I was scheduled to read at Winterburn but because the Public Accounts session ran over time, I couldn't make it out on time. As well, I was supposed to visit Laurier Heights and Youngstown today, but came down with an infected wisdom tooth. (Very painful!!)

I want to thank all the parents, community members, athletes, firefighters, authors, police officers, EPSB staff and others who took time out of their busy lives to read this week. And thank you to all the teachers/admin assistants/librarians who took on the task of contacting guest readers, selecting books and scheduling the week. These efforts are much appreciated and take us closer to our shared goal of instilling a love of reading in our children and ultimately improving their success in school and in life.

It's too bad, with other commitments and aching teeth, that I wasn't able to make it out to more Ward C schools, but there's nothing stopping me from coming out at other times to read.

As one librarian said to me: let's make it Read-In Year!

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