Friday, November 21, 2008

New School Closure plan

I've pulled this report out of the November 25 agenda for easy access (see link at the end of this entry). It discusses the plans for the next year and in particular, references the new sector-based planning idea. I've titled this blog: "New School Closure Plan" because I've heard from many people that sometimes our language in education is not readily understood. So, "Annual Implementation Plan" or indeed even "Sector-based planning" might not be automatically translated into "school closures" or "how are we going to deal with our low enrolment schools?"

I hope my attempt at plain language doesn't alarm you, but I think it's important to be clear. We have a problem with under-utilized schools in mature neighbourhoods. Because we are funded by student (not by building), when there aren't a lot of kids in a school, the budget is stretched very thin. As a District, we will be gaining 5000 more student spaces in 2010 when the new ASAP schools are built.This will make our existing space problem even more pronounced.

So, how will we deal with this challenge? This report outlines a new process, to look at schools in a cluster, within a sector and try to decide what makes sense for the area. Which school could best handle consolidation? What are the options? How can the community best be involved in this process?

Please read the report and if you wish to speak to the Board on November 25, remember to register with Anne Sherwood, Board Secretary ( before noon on Tuesday.

Here's the link:


Anonymous said...

End of November - Waiting for the On-Line Survey for Sustainability Review?

Sue Huff said...

I know now why politicians are reluctant to give firm dates. I had said that mid-October was the hoped-for date and here we are mid-November. So, first of all- sorry for the delay. As I've said all along, this is challenging work. Here's our progress to date: We have extracted the themes from the focus groups and we have developed the questions for the on-line survey. There are a few more steps of approval and then it needs to be actually "created". Once the IT Dept has finished its magic, we will be sending out letters of notification to let people know the survey is on-line. I will also post a notification on my blog. The new ETA is early December. (Did you notice how I didn't get an exact date? I'm learning!). Thanks for your patience. It is coming. It has not been forgotten!