Sunday, December 14, 2008

Board Meeting outcomes

There was a good discussion about the Environmental Report, with three follow up actions by trustees. Trustee Gibeault asked for information on including more environmental references to the Energy Policy. Trustee Colburn put forward a motion to do a feasibility study on geothermal heating. And I put forward a motion to create an overarching environmental policy for EPSB.

The transportation of special needs children was also an important discussion. There was a follow-up article in the Edmonton Journal on Thursday, Dec. 11 by Sarah O'Donnell which provided some information on how the District hopes to move forward on this issue.

Trustee Colburn's motion to review the efficacy of our special needs programming and how our money is being spent in special needs education was defeated. Trustees Colburn, Shipka and Huff voted for the motion. Trustees Ripley, Rice, Gibson, Fleming and Gibeault voted against. Trustee Esslinger was in France on Board business.

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