Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sustainability Survey

At Tuesday's board meeting, I gave a verbal report on the work to date by the Ad Hoc Committee to review the Sustainability Review and School Closure process. Here are the highlights:

Focus groups were held over the summer with parents, community members and staff to gather feedback on the current process. These sessions were held by an independent facilitator, Sandra Johnston. Sandra compiled the common themes and created a document that summarized the feedback attained during the sessions. From these common themes, a draft of an on-line survey has been created.

The survey was shared with trustees via email and, at the meeting, it was requested that it be included on the December 2 conference meeting agenda to allow input from all trustees.

Before the on-line survey can be posted, several things need to happen, including: final approval by the Board, building the survey with the help of our IT Dept, creating the letter to notify the stakeholders who have experienced either closure or sustainability reviews and stuffing 3,500 envelopes (of said stakeholders!).

Needless to say, we don't want this survey to get lost in the Christmas shuffle...so the decision was made to delay mailing the letters until January 5. This will allow everyone concerned the opportunity to participate (rather than risk missing those who are away over the holidays.) Following notification, the survey will be up from January12- 23.

I know this is a long time coming...but, trust me, it's worth it to get it right! Building consensus has been challenging and the committee has worked very hard to make sure that all points of view are represented and acknowledged.

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