Saturday, January 24, 2009

Board Agenda- Tuesday

Here's the items for Tuesday's Board meeting. I've provided a quick summary so you can see if it is an item of interest for you.

2. Improving Student Achievement Through Personnel Services - Staff Development

3. Response to Trustee Request for Information How will the parent voice be accounted for the District's response to the provincial review on special needs education?

H. Committee, Board Representative and Trustee Reports

4. Report #6 of the Conference Committee (From the Meeting Held January 20, 2009)

summary----Report from Board Evaluation Committee; Policy change re: what the board can discuss behind closed doors; proposed public engagement activity

A series of policy reviews:

5. Board Policy Review - GB.BP Authority for Personnel Decisions

6. Board Policy Review - GBC.BP Employee Relations

7. Board Policy Review - GIA.BP Pensions

8. Board Policy Review - GJ.BP Staff Leaves of Absence

9. Board Policy Review - GM.BP Acknowledgement of Deaths and Bereavements

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