Saturday, January 10, 2009

Next Board Meeting

Our next board meeting, on Tuesday....

Item G.3 is about advocating for extending PUF beyond kindergarten for children with special needs (PUF- program unit funding). Through PUF, the provincial government provides funding for three years, creating opportunities for aides or speech therapy for children with autism, for example. Unfortunately, the funding stops at the end of kindergarten and parents find the level of service dramatically altered in grade one.

Item G4- Requests for information
Exciting potential re: Early Screening and Early Intervention for Learning Disabilities.
Work experience
Developing an alternate certificate of achievement

A couple of motions re: environmental issues.

Some policy reviews dealing with Personnel and Staffing.

Here's the links to the reports.....

Improving Student Achievement:

2. Improving Student Achievement at Highlands Junior High School

G. Reports from the Superintendent of Schools:

3. Response to Trustee Motion Regarding Continuation of Early Education Funding for Students with Severe Disabilities

4. Responses to Trustee Requests for Information

H. Committee, Board Representative and Trustee Reports

5. Motion re Geothermal Heating

6. Motion re Environmental Policy

7. Board Policy Review - GB.BP Authority for Personnel Decisions

8. Board Policy Review - GBC.BP Employee Relations

9. Board Policy Review - GIA.BP Pensions

10. Board Policy Review - GJ.BP Staff Leaves of Absence

11. Board Policy Review - GM.BP Acknowledgement of Deaths and Bereavements

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