Saturday, February 21, 2009

Board Agenda- Tues, Feb. 24

Go here for the complete agenda:

A few highlights:
- Recommendation to approve a (new) Waldorf alternative program
- A new type of certificate to show student success (portfolio)
- Complete Special Needs Satisfaction Survey results
- Motion to change the process for the public to speak at public board meetings
- Policy approvals

Hope to see you there!

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C. Spencer said...

I have no strong feelings about the Waldorf method. I like the focus on music. The delayed literacy component worries me.

However, I can't support the plan to subsidize Waldorf by $319 per child per year for next two years. It continues the trend of dividing schools into tiers -- an elite programming level that receives special funding, and a lingering rump of community schools that are seen as merely regular.