Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Board outcomes- Feb. 24 meeting

The Waldorf Program was approved for start-up in September. A large contingent of supporters, including families with young children and trained Waldorf staff, were in the audience to hear the news and were obviously pleased. The program has a built-in network of support and two preschool programs to feed into the Kindergarten class. 28 families have already committed to the program and there is a possibility that with the release of the news, there may be sufficient registration to offer to Kindergarten classes in the fall. The program will open in Avonmore on the southside. I asked questions about impact on enrolment in neighbouring schools. It appears this will be minimal due to the fact we are starting in kindergarten and the families who are currently following a Waldorf approach are doing so through the Argyll Centre (homeschooling). Trustee Gibson asked about impacts on transportation and the scatter graph that was done to see where families were located indicated that Avonmore is a central location.

The motion to extend the public's speaking time to 3 minutes and remove the requirement for advance registration with the board secretary was referred to the Planning and Policy Committee to look at implications. It will return to public board with recommendations from that committee. I sensed a general level of support for the extended time, but some concern around the logistics of the sign-up sheet.

We heard presentations on:
J. Percy Page re: integration of ESL students
CUPE 3550 re: budget considerations
A new graduation certificate/planning tool for all students

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