Monday, February 23, 2009

Minister of Education- Student Advisory

The Minister of Education, The Honourable Dave Hancock, has set up a Student Advisory. Check out the webpage at

I've copied some of the text here:
Speak Out is an opportunity for Alberta’s youth to share their experiences and ideas and to help the people who make decisions about our schools understand the issues that are important to us. We can make a difference by getting involved. Let’s define the issues for ourselves and identify the solutions. Our voices deserve to be in the mix. It’s our future!

Students are encouraged to submit their application for the Annual Student Conference and the Minister's Student Advisory Council. Deadline for applications is April 3, 2009.

Students can register, log-in and get active on the site! Go to DISCUSS or BLOG. Each month, student feedback will be sought on a particular topic. This month's featured discussion is "Where is the world in your education?"

They are also hosting a VIDEO CONTEST. Deadline to submit is March 31. Speak Out and you could have the chance to win some incredible prizes!

I really admire this initiative to reach out and engage youth. It makes so much sense to talk directly to the students and to give them a powerful voice in their education. Whatever we own through hard work, we cherish. Whatever we build, we protect. Whatever we love, we work harder for....and so it goes!

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