Monday, February 23, 2009

Report on Edmonton's Children and Youth 2008

"Success by 6 and the City of Edmonton's Child Friendly Edmonton Initiative want to help ensure that every child and youth in Edmonton has the chance to reach his or her potential."

That is the opening sentence of the Executive Summary for this year's report. The report covers health (including special reports on healthy body weight and mental health), demographics, early learning and care, educations, risk behaviours, community supports and interventions, and leisure.

One of the most alarming stats appears on page vi-
"In 2007, 2,156 women an children were admitted to women's shelters in the Edmonton area, and a further 6, 531 women and children were turned away. This is 2.8 admissions and 8.4 turnaways per 1,000 women and children. The turnaway rate is increasing."

I have sent a couple of emails off to see how this problem might be addressed. Every woman and child deserves to have a safe place.

I encourage you to read the report. It is available at the following link:

And talk to your community, councillor and MLA about issues that concern you.

Children need all our efforts to ensure their success.

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