Sunday, March 22, 2009

Board meeting- Sector planning, etc.

For full agenda, with all reports attached, go to:

Information re: school closure processes found in Reports 8 & 9.

Overview of items on the agenda:

2. Improving Student Achievement through the work of Facilities Services

3. District Response to Phase 2 of the Provincial Review of Special Education - Setting the Direction: Towards a System Re-design (EPSB response to the Phase II of the Government's review of Special Education)

4. Process and Timeline for 2009-2010 Planning (Altered BUDGET Review timelines)

5. Transportation Discussion Paper (To be submitted to ASBA)

6. Update on the Employability Skills Achievement Certificate (ESAC) Pilot (L.Y. CAIRNS)

7. Bereavements

8. Report #9 of the Conference Committee (From the Meeting Held March 17, 2009) (Contains recommendations from Ad Hoc Committee on School Closure)

9. Sector Reviews: Update (Very interesting information here)

Board Policy Review - DA.BP Fiscal Oversight and Management

Board Policy Review - DJ.BP Purchasing

Board Policy Review - GDB.BP Terms and Conditions of Employment

Board Policy GBD.BP Vacations and Holidays

Board Policy Review - GFA.BP Reduction of Staff

Board Policy Review - GGB.BP Evaluation of Superintendent of Schools

Board Policy Review - GGC.BP Staff Performance

17. Multi-cultural Task Force: Interim Report (Good summary of MCTF work to date)

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