Monday, March 30, 2009

Outcomes- board meeting

All recommendations passed.

The presentation on the Sector Planning is well worth a read. I am pleased to see the frequent references to community consultation and the increased clarity identifying the stages of public engagement. (Informing, consulting, collaborating, etc.) I also like the Advisory Committte which will have someone from the City of Edmonton (among others) on it. It has been articulated by many people that the City and EPSB need to plan together and in cooperation with one another. All and all, the Sector based plan seems to be a step forward and it has the Board's unanimous support. Of course, school closures will always be contentious and emotional, but I feel this new approach will allow more input from more people over more time. A better process should yield better transitions for all.

I put forward a notice of motion for the next Board meeting:
A report on the pros and cons of having an external member with financial expertise sit on the audit committee.

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