Thursday, April 30, 2009

Additional links- student discipline

One of the wonderful things about blogging is the way it generates new ideas. People read what I've posted, go off to investigate and then bring back additional information, which adds considerably to the conversation. The new, enriched message is then sent out for further development. Learning is not linear; it is exponential and in all directions at once. These are exciting times, when this can happen easily and through quick and direct communication. Society becomes a multi-faceted organism, acquiring information and processing it at incredible rates.

Here's an email I received, which referenced my blog and added more to my original CAPSLE summary:

"Last night at the Board meeting, Trustee Huff spoke briefly about the CAPSLE conference that she attended in Toronto. (Canadian Association for the Practical Study of Law in Education.) Sue’s blog (Day One: CAPSLE and Day Two: CAPSLE) summarizes the conference and provides links to additional material. Sue references the document found at , called Shared Solutions (55 pages), which is truly a worthwhile read… very positive and demonstrates appreciation for the perspective of all stakeholders.

Another good document (six pages) can be found at ... this one speaks to proactive support of students rather than reactive punitive responses, discussing discipline as it pertains to special needs students, perhaps more specifically, students with Emotional/Behaviour Disorders:
In BC schools, for example, students with EBD have consistently outnumbered students with learning disabilities since 2001, representing the largest group of students in special education.

I am happy to pass on the collective knowledge!

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